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Don’t forget to take advantage of the many RIDE & DRIVE EVENTS scheduled at this year’s
                                               show. As of press time, the following manufacturers will be participating in RIDE & DRIVE events:
                                               CHEVROLET, CHRYSLER, DODGE, FIAT, JEEP, NISSAN LEAF, RAM, SLINGSHOT
                                               and VOLKSWAGEN. Those who wish to take a test drive merely have to sign up in the lobby
                                               area and then go outside to visit their manufacturer of choice. It doesn’t get any easier than that!
                                               (Ride and Drives subject to change)

                                        As always, the Atlanta International Auto
                                        Show will be presenting a number of SPECIAL
                                        ATTRACTIONS.    For movie  fans,  we’ll have  “Cousin
                                        Eddie’s RV” on display from the hit film Christmas Vacation,
                                        as well as some other specialty vehicles. And if you’re
                                        into stunts, you won’t want to miss performances by High
                                        Roller BMX. They wowed the crowd at last year’s show,
                                        and we’re thrilled to have them back for this installment!
                                        (Attractions subject to change)
                                                                                   You can keep up with the
                          GEARHEADS:  Be sure to check out the              Atlanta International Auto Show
                          CAFFEINE & OCTANE display at this year’s              year round on its official website
                          show! They have a great collection of exotics
                          and specialty vehicles on display for you!  WWW.GOAUTOSHOW.COM
                                                                            or on one (or all!) of its social media accounts.
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